Our villas

“What If a Paradise Is not Only for Visit”

Each unit is situated on a piece of square-shaped land that has a prime geomancy and is designed with a golden ratio. The project’s area covers approximately 4 rai or 1.58 acres in which the front faces the sea and the land’s posterior portion ends with a stunning mountainous background. All villas are not at a cliff but are on a ground level direct to a picturesque sea view at beachfront, so this is to assure that the residents are secure from landslide and flood.

The villa’s design is inspired from one of the marine creatures, Bivalvia. In order to get most advantage from the land’s shape, our architect beautifies the bonding between life and love through the proximity of two Bivalves which are firmly stacked on and attached to the top of a rock. They are opening the two valves to receive energy from the world.

Only 8 units are available and are magnificently positioned truly at beachfront. Individual villa is built on an area of at least 100 wah2 with approximately 450-m2 usable area and is congruous with wind current, natural lighting, and humidity. Our experiences and sincerity are here to serve your trust.